Padrino Commit Mar 13, 2013

dariocravero Merge pull request #1114 from padrino/sinatra_1_4_compat


nesquena Upgrade to sinatra 1.4.0.d
nesquena [routing] Use type from accept_entry directly in 1.4.0
nesquena [core] Fix layouts, Sinatra 1.4 interprets a nil layout as a false layout
nesquena [core] Fix routing test to use not_found callback
nesquena [core] Adds 403 custom test
nesquena [core] Fixes issue with handling exceptions in after filter
nesquena [cache] Fixes nil issue in memcached store tests

#1103で議論されていた Sinatra 1.4 へ対応するためのパッチが適用されました。